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New Vehicle Stock Ever wondered where to find that high performance vehicle of your dreams? Well look no further as you've come to the right place!

Here at JL Imports we specialize in assisting Australian private buyers to obtain quality-import vehicles from Japan. With our service we can provide you access to 100 - 150,000 vehicles available each week at auctions all over Japan. We will assist you through every aspect of the importing process, from finding a vehicle right up until having the keys in your hand. Our service and network of quality and exceptionally well-priced suppliers, customs agents and compliance workshops, means that you get value for your money every time.

We can offer you the cheapest possible price due to being a solely internet operated agency. We simply don't have the overheads brick and mortar dealerships have, or mark-ups on any vehicle.

DL: 21335

See a list of eligible Japanese vehicles here.



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