28/9/08 - Corporate Alliance With Foreign Exchange Company

corporate alliance

We have recently formed a corporate alliance with a world renowned foreign exchange company, value adding to our service. This process is streamlined with two simple forms for any customer of JL Imports. This enables your Australian dollar to buy much more than normal through use of this strategic alliance.

Suppliers utilized throughout the importing process are paid direct by the customer. Money is transferred to which ever supplier in Japan that finds and wins the customers vehicle at auction. Banks use a reduced exchange rate when transferring your money to Japan so if the Australian dollar is currently buying ¥100 Japanese yen and your vehicle cost ¥1,940,000 JPY below are examples showing the saving:

Through the banks

¥1,940,000 JPY (with $1.00 AUD buying ¥97 JPY) you would need $20,000.00 AUD

Through JL Imports

¥1,940,000 JPY (with $1.00 AUD buying ¥99.2 JPY) you would need $19,595.96 AUD

This is a saving of $400.00 AUD which will stay in your pocket.

One of the most beneficial services offered from this alliance is a 24 hour rate-tracking transaction service. The exchange rates usually spike through the night when the banks of Australia are closed, however with this service you can nominate a preferred exchange rate (within reason) and the system will automatically send your money once that exchange rate is reached (a bank will normally give you whatever the reduced standard rate is at the time you walk in the door).

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