Import Estimator

$ The Import Estimator is a tool, which can be used to calculate the on road cost of importing a vehicle.

Enter the amount in Japanese Yen of the vehicle you are interested in at the top box. After you have done this click the calculate button at the bottom. The Estimator will calculate the cost to import that vehicle.

Clicking on any of the names on the estimator will also give a more in depth description of the processes, an idea of costs and how they can vary.

The final price will depend on the current prevailing exchange rate when purchased, Australian compliance costs, the fluctuation in stamp duty costs from state to state etc.

Vehicle Prices

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Import Estimator
Estimated FOB JPY: ¥
Exchange Rate: JPY in 1 AUD ¥
Estimated FOB $AUD: $
5% Import Duty: $
Shipping: $
GST (10% of the VoTI): $
LCT (Luxury Car Tax): $
Customs, Agent Fees (Inc GST): $
Compliance Cost (Inc GST): $
JL Imports Service Fee (Inc GST): $
New Tyres (inc GST): $
Alarm/Immobiliser (Inc GST): $
Stamp Duty (Inc GST): $
Licencing & Registration (Inc GST): $
Total (inc GST): $