Import Process

Below are the steps to importing a vehicle in the order to which they will present themselves.

  1. JL Imports' standard disclaimer is filled out by the client and returned with our Service Fee.

  2. Client is notified when disclaimer is received.

  3. JL Imports confirms the cost of compliance and the location of a suitable compliance workshop.

  4. JL Imports will help the client set a maximum bidding price for the vehicle taking into account current Japanese market values, importing costs, budget etc.

  5. Searching at the auctions will commence immediately until a suitable vehicle is found. When a vehicle is found all details are clarified with the client.

  6. Vehicle is won at the auction for, or under the bid limit and the client will receive an invoice within 24 hours. The client must pay invoice direct to the Japanese supplier within 5 working days. (Telegraphic Transfer from the clients bank direct to the Japanese suppliers bank account) Invoice also includes the supplier's fees. This payment needs to be confirmed by client also faxing a copy of the Telegraphic Transfer receipt to the supplier.

  7. Vehicle is deregistered and made ready for export on the next available ship. JL Imports will forward all relative paperwork to the Australian customs agent.

  8. Once vehicle arrives in Australia the customs agent advises client and allows viewing of the vehicle ASAP. Customs agent informs client when vehicle is ready for collection. Upon collection clients pays an itemised invoice direct to the customs agent (Invoice includes import duties, shipping fees & GST).

  9. The client takes the vehicle to the compliance centre and collects when it has been modified to Australian Standards.

  10. The vehicle is then ready for license and registration.

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