Why Import Through JL?

Here at JL Imports we specialize in Japanese vehicle imports solely! Our primary business is assisting Australian private buyers to obtain quality-imported vehicles from Japan, and is not a service operated as a sideline to running a car yard or workshop.

Below are some key points:

Australian Owned & Operated

JL Imports Pty Ltd (ABN 73 113 674 230) is an Australia Company and is Governed by Australian law. We are not some overseas entity you could send your money to and never see it again.

We are also a registered motor vehicle broker with the Motor Trade Association and hold a Dealers License - License number 21335.     


We are not a used car dealer and do not have the overheads or additional costs associated such as premiums or GST incurred on the total sale price of a vehicle. We simply have a standard service fee to assist private buyers obtain vehicles direct from the auctions in Japan. So the money that would normally cover these costs will stay in our client's pocket. We actually bid against dealerships for vehicles at auction on our client's behalf. Most dealerships operate by importing a cheap vehicle and marking up the price as much as possible to cover operational costs (cheaper vehicles are more likely to have problems). Our clients have total control over the process and with our assistance can set a bidding price that they are comfortable with.

This coupled with our exceptionally well-priced and quality Australia wide network of customs agents and compliance workshops, means our clients are sure to get value for money every time.

We only supply current market prices from the auctions and our clients pay all suppliers along the way making the entire process completely transparent.  


JL Imports has access to 100 - 150,000 vehicles each week at Auctions all over Japan. This allows our clients to get exactly what they want as opposed to the limited number of vehicles available throughout Australia.


We pride ourselves on the fact that suppliers throughout Japan envy our suppliers for one good reason. Our suppliers sell top quality vehicles every time. Our suppliers are known for being perfectionists when it comes to vehicles, and won't settle for second best (please be advised we will not search for vehicles with an Auction grade of 3 or below for the Specialist and Enthusiast Scheme). Our suppliers will independently evaluate the proposed vehicle at Auction with close attention to detail. Unfortunately vehicles at auction are usually surrounded by thousands of other vehicles, so our supplier can only start them up and move them 1-2 meters.

The auction in-house inspectors are very strict when it comes to the grading vehicles listing anything wrong. The in-house auction sheet contains a section where the "seller" can make note of any problems with the vehicle i.e.: bad gear box, knocking suspension etc. Our suppliers are Australian qualified mechanics with large vehicle storage and mechanical workshop facilities in Japan. When one of our suppliers receives a vehicle from the Auctions they instigate a strict mechanical evaluation and road test. If for, example third gear does not work and it was not listed on the Auction sheet, we can return it to the Auction for a refund. 

We have been informed on many different occasions that there are a lot of Importers (either agents or dealerships) currently going through Japanese suppliers that operate in a very questionable manner. Unfortunately most Japanese suppliers will sell clients 3 or so immaculate vehicles to start with, and will then resort to buying terrible quality vehicles to make quick cash. Unfortunately once the vehicle has landed, the owner will quickly realize the quality and by this time it is too late. It is a disturbing way of doing business and can it happen in this industry.

The quality of an import agency or dealer heavily relies on their suppliers. Here at JL Imports we understand this market belongs to the enthusiasts and top quality is always the highest priority.

Corporate Alliances

Your Australian dollar will buy much more than normal through use of our strategic alliance with a world renowned corporate foreign exchange company, value adding to our service. This process is streamlined with two simple forms for any customer of JL Imports.

Suppliers utilized throughout the importing process are paid direct by the customer. Money is transferred to which ever supplier in Japan that finds and wins the customers vehicle at auction. Banks use a reduced exchange rate when transferring your money to Japan so if the Australian dollar is currently buying ¥100 Japanese yen and your vehicle cost ¥1,940,000 JPY below are examples showing the saving:

Through the banks

¥1,940,000 JPY (with $1.00 AUD buying ¥97 JPY) you would need $20,000.00 AUD

Through JL Imports

¥1,940,000 JPY (with $1.00 AUD buying ¥99.2 JPY) you would need $19,595.96 AUD

This is a saving of $400.00 AUD which will stay in your pocket.

One of the most beneficial services offered from this alliance is a 24 hour rate-tracking transaction service. The exchange rates usually spike through the night when the banks of Australia are closed, however with this service you can nominate a preferred exchange rate (within reason) and the system will automatically send your money once that exchange rate is reached (a bank will normally give you whatever the reduced standard rate is at the time you walk in the door).

What can I import?

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